The Myths

The Myths:

  • "Prostitution is a legitimate profession".
  • "Prostitution has always and will always exist".
  • "People choose to engage in prostitution".
  • "Prostitutes are students making easy money."
  • "Prostitution fills a need: If men’s sexual needs are not satisfied, the incidence of rape will increase."

Reality Tells a Different Story:

  • There is no real “choice” in prostitution. No one freely chooses to enter the cycle of prostitution, and no one can exit the cycle of prostitution without substantial support.
  • Prostitution starts young: Most of those who enter the cycle of prostitution do so as teenagers.
  • The vast majority of the men and women trapped in the cycle of prostitution were victims of incest, sexual abuse or emotional and physical abuse as children.
  • Women in prostitution suffer severe physical and mental harm. Their mortality rate is extremely high: Many are not likely to live past the age of 40.
  • The majority of women in prostitution are addicted to drugs or alcohol, have an eating disorder, and are prey to violence and sexual assault by clients and pimps. Prostitution itself is an addictive pattern.
  • The money paid to women in prostitution – “dirty money” – vanishes into thin air: They cannot or will not hold on to it.



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