About Us

About Us

Awareness Center was founded in 2002 by Leah Gruenpeter Gold and Nissan Ben – Ami as a non-profit NGO (Non Governmental Organization) under the name of Mahapach Toda’ati Registered Association. The organization’s aim is to raise public and policy makers' awareness to the scope and the serious consequences of prostitution

Awareness Center is the official Israeli representative of the IAF (International Abolitionist Federation). IAF has a consultative status at the United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, Council of Europe, in ECOSOC and ILO.

Our Vision

  • Prostitution violates human dignity and human rights. It is an act of violence and domination – not of sex.
  • Society can and should take a moral stand on prostitution. We may not be able to eliminate prostitution, but we should take the necessary measures to drastically reduce the demand for prostitution, and to support and help the women, men and children involved in prostitution to end a life of continuous sexual exploitation.
  • Women, men and children are not tradable merchandise. Israel has already dramatically reduced trafficking in foreign women for sexual purposes. However, demand has remained constant (and is even increasing); Israeli women and children enter the cycle of prostitution every day. Women, men and children engaged in prostitution suffer long-lasting physical and mental damage, which in many ways resembles the suffering of victims of sex trafficking.

Our Goals:

  • To reduce the scope of prostitution until revoked.
  • To combat demand and the practices which enable the existence of prostitution.
  • To promote the expansion of national help services, to enable prostituted persons to leave prostitution life.

In 2010, Toda’a-Awareness Center was awarded the Israel Ministry of Justice Decoration for Activists Battling Trafficking for its central role in battling trafficking for sexual purposes.

Our Achievements:

  • Changing the attitudes of legislators, public officials, enforcement authorities and municipal and governmental social welfare agencies towards prostitution and trafficking for sexual purposes.
  • Contributing to the establishment of governmental and municipal aid and rehabilitation centers for prostituted persons.
  • Establishing an education and research center that provides decision makers with both theoretical and practical information.
  • Helping and supporting prostituted persons in areas in which there is no governmental or municipal response to their needs, and acting as an intermediary between prostituted persons and the authorities.
  • Helping to foster mother-child interaction for women and children affected by prostitution, and helping resolve bureaucratic and legal issues.
  • Presenting periodic educational seminars on prostitution to law enforcement personnel.


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